Reasons for the rebrand

Last year CASCO Europe reached a major milestone by turning 18. Over this period we have achieved amazing growth, with demand for our quality pet and aquatic shop fittings spreading across Europe. Further afield the development of the company has seen operations launched in the Americas with CASCO America, Australia with CASCO Australia, and the procurement of a large manufacturing base in Portugal.

To bring these divisions together within the industry and reinforce our global position, CASCO has rebranded as CASCO Pet. Matthew Bubear CEO, commented "The new name gives us one global identity under which we can continue to represent our pioneering shop fittings and expanding global reach during the next phase of our evolution and growth."

"CASCO Pet better communicates our proposition to a worldwide market. The introduction of a new tag line 'Pet Retail Experts' also reflects the accumulated experience and knowledge from working with many clients around the world, together with our reputation for creating high quality fittings with innovative features. Our expert advice is available to all CASCO Pet customers, regardless of their size or where they are located".


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