Dr Marty Becker is a pioneer in the field of veterinary medicine, spearheading the Fear Free movement, he has revolutionised and has dedicated his life to improving the lives of animals and enhancing the human-animal bond. He is an advocate for the emotional health of animals, with his ground-breaking Fear Free philosophy which has transformed the lives of countless pets by reducing stress and anxiety in the veterinary setting. His visit to the UK represents a unique opportunity to learn from a true visionary.  


This one-hour session is open to all veterinary professionals interested in Fear Free practices and advancing their professional development. 

Visit CASCO Pet stand

Attendees are also invited to explore CASCO Pet’s stand, located at H35, during the London Vet Show. Here you can witness a live demonstration of CASCO Pet’s innovative WELLKennels. These Kennels are thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment for animals in veterinary care. They feature specialised safety glass, which aids in noise reduction, customisable lighting options, including their patent D.R.C. (Daylight, Recovery, Cleaning), and temperature controls to ensure optimal patient comfort. The ease of use of the WELLKennels is also a consideration for practice staff. 


Fear Free team members will be present at the CASCO Pet stand, offering insights into their revolutionary certification programs and their profound impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of pets. 

CASCO Pet joins FEAR FREE® as a Preferred Product Provider

As a leading provider of animal housing, CASCO Pet puts pet wellness at the heart of its innovative designs. Its WELLKennels range, designed in collaboration with vets, prioritises the safety, comfort and wellbeing of animals in veterinary care. Certified as a Fear Free preferred product, the global initiative founded by American veterinarian Dr Marty Becker, that’s dedicated to alleviating fear and anxiety in animals.

What is Fear Free?

Conceived by Dr Marty Becker in 2016, the Fear Free movement has revolutionised the veterinary industry and pet wellness. Rooted in scientific principles and backed by proven protocols, it empowers veterinary professionals to create environments that alleviate fear and anxiety in animals during vet visits. Worldwide, veterinarians have witnessed a shift in the way pets are examined and treated, all thanks to implementing Fear Free techniques.

A partnership driving positive change

CASCO Pet is committed to supporting and enhancing pet wellbeing through state-of-the-art animal housing. Revolutionising the pet retail and veterinary practice industries worldwide, the company’s history spans over 25 years. Driven by innovation, pet welfare remains the core of its business. Nowhere is this more clear than with the organisation’s WELLKennels, thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for companion animals in vet care. Considering the animal’s physical and psychological needs, they are designed with tempered glass – assisting with noise reduction – and feature specialised lighting and temperature controls to ensure maximum calm and comfort for the animal and ease of use for practice staff. 

Sharing a vision of enhancing pet wellbeing, CASCO Pet and Fear Free have collaborated – bringing together two leading experts in their respective fields to drive positive change within the veterinary industry.

CASCO Pet’s WELLKennels are a revolutionary breakthrough in veterinary animal housing. The benefits they offer over traditional cages are awesome and truly speak to the Fear Free principles we promote globally.
Dr Marty Becker Founder & Chief Relationships Officer at Fear Free
Veterinary Clinical Housing backgroung
Veterinary female doctor or nurse and dog

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