The Beautiful Art of Display

To meet the demands of today's consumers, retailers need to create more sophisticated retail environments, to capture attention and ultimately drive new sales.

At CASCO Pet we have recognised this need to develop an enhanced customer experience. By designing innovative features, and taking both customers and retailers viewpoints, CASCO Pet have developed a theatrical retail experience that defines the beautiful art of display.

Creative and Innovative Environments

  Innovative Shop Fittings

At CASCO Pet our unrivalled expertise in pet retail and animal display has enabled us to develop the most innovative pet and aquatic shop fittings on the market. Our innovative shop fittings and features will enhance your customer's retail experience and deliver real cost savings with efficient fixtures and reduced maintenance.

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  3D Design Service

To help you decide on your new store layout we can provide you with 3D drawings so you can see exactly how it will look before installation, allowing you to 'virtually' walk around your new store.

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  Pet Retail Experts

CASCO Pet's global reach has seen us not only supply and install our high quality pet shop fittings all around the world, but has also allowed us to learn and gain experience of differing global markets.

CASCO Pet has truly earned the tag of leading pet retail experts, and you can benefit from our highly experienced team of experts. This unique knowledge has given us distinctive ways to innovate and develop our shop fittings and aftersales service.

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  Our Clients

CASCO Pet work with a huge spectrum of clients from multi national chains to independent store. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and those principles apply to whoever you are - you will always receive our high quality service.

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  Case Studies

Read details of how our pet retail experts at CASCO Pet have taken each project from the design and layout stages, to manufacture and installation.

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  Special Projects

At CASCO Pet no project is too big or too complicated. We have a history of building custom designs and showcase projects.

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Recent Case Studies

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