The perfect alternative to cold, noisy cages

Our revolutionary range of Well Kennels have been developed to provide first class patient care whilst making it easier for veterinary professionals to use and maintain. Every detail is built to exact quality standards, affordable, and most importantly focused on patient wellness.

From conception to build, we have created a range of kennels and enclosures that are safe, hygienic and practical. Using toughened glass instead of stainless steel creates a warm and quiet environment to improve comfort and speed recovery.  Adding our unique, patent pending DRC lighting system provides the ultimate in animal care. Their modular design gives you the flexibility to create the perfect ward for your practice.

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Why Choose CASCO Pet's Well Kennels?

Significantly quieter than stainless steel cages

Our enclosures are proven to be significantly quieter than steel cages, for both the patient and the Veterinary staff. Your wards and clinics will be more peaceful, thereby reducing stress, anxiety and aiding in recovery.

Safely integrated

All wiring is safely enclosed in the ceiling of the enclosure, behind glass, ensuring it is out of reach of patients.

Integrated LED lighting

Greater visibility provided by the optional add-on LED lighting allows assessment of the patient whilst still in the enclosure, thereby reducing stress and saving time. In addition, LED lighting gives a soft, calming, even light that can be switched off when necessary.

Privacy doors

Giving cats privacy reduces stress and aids recovery; our frosted glass privacy doors remove unnecessary distractions from outside the enclosure.


With three light modes that support our mission to reduce stress and improve efficiency, our new DRC lighting system offers greater visibility for patient assessments, undisrupted monitoring to support recovery, and the vision to clean to clinical hygiene standards.

Built-in heat mats

Heat mats are an optional add-on which allows the patient to choose whether to lie on a heated surface or in a cooler area of the enclosure.

Veterinary case study

Meadow Hall Vets (UK) Video Case Study

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“I am extremely proud of the team who has worked hard to realize this revolutionary range. There has been little change in clinical housing since the 1950s; we saw the opportunity to bring veterinary clinical habitats into the 21st Century and our customers have been delighted with the result”
Matthew Bubear CEO - CASCO Pet
"We have found the glass fronts much easier to keep clean, and that in turn keeps our bio-security between patients much better."
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS and Owner
ures and benefit clinical veterinary housing

Veterinary Clinical Housing Features & Benefits

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Helping you realise your potential from concept to creation

Our expert project team will work with you to create innovative designs tailored to your business.  Our space designers will create floor plans, 2D or 3D renders to enable you to easily visualise your veterinary clinic.