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At CASCO Pet, we believe that feline care should be as exceptional as our furry companions. Our feline WELLKennels and Cat Condos are expertly designed to meet the unique and varied needs of cats, ensuring they experience a stress-free stay, whether it's a brief visit or a longer-term stay.

We understand that each cat is unique, and their comfort is paramount. That's why our feline Cat Kennels and Cages come with customisable features, such as integrated temperature control, a patented lighting system, and effective ventilation. These features are designed with your cat's well-being in mind and are chosen by veterinarians for their proven ability to reduce stress and enhance patient outcomes.

I've worked in several clinics that only have the traditional metal kennels. I always hated them for my feline patients - they are so noisy, reflective, and cold and generally cause great distress. Now I have opened my own feline clinic, Zen Cat Clinic, and these kennels are amazing - everything we could have hoped for. We have people stop by our clinic just to see the " perfectly cat friendly kennels" we have touted on our website and social media. There simply could be no other kennel for us.
Kate Lupton DVM/Founder at Zen Cat Clinic

Why Choose Our Cat Kennels & Condos

Enhanced Privacy

Our Cat Kennels and Cat Condos feature privacy doors with frosted glass, creating a stress-free environment by reducing distractions and promoting a sense of seclusion for feline patients.

Split-Level Comfort

Our design includes split-level accommodations for cats, allowing them to have separate areas for daytime activities, sleep, and litter box usage. This setup offers cats a greater level of seclusion and comfort during their stay.

Illuminated Comfort

Integrated LED lighting supports natural vision, circadian rhythm and helps patients recognise caregivers during recovery, leaving them calm and relaxed. 

Hideaway Retreats

Our Cat Condos are thoughtfully designed with dedicated hideaway areas, providing feline patients with cozy spots to retreat and rest in complete comfort. These concealed nooks allow cats to seek solace and tranquillity, further enhancing their overall experience and well-being during their stay.

Noise Reduction

Our Cat Kennels and Condos are significantly quieter than stainless steel cages, benefitting both the patients and veterinary staff. This tranquil environment reduces stress and anxiety, facilitating a quicker recovery process.

Built-In Heat Mats

For added comfort, we offer optional heat mats that give cats the choice of resting on a warm surface or a cooler one. This feature enhances the overall well-being and relaxation of your feline patients.

Durability and Longevity

Our kennels are built to last, ensuring a long lifespan and offering excellent value for your veterinary practice.

Patented Technology - DRC Lighting System

With three lighting modes tailored to reduce stress and enhance efficiency, our patented DRC lighting system provides superior visibility for patient assessments, continuous monitoring to support recovery, and the clarity required to maintain clinical hygiene standards.

“The benefit the new housing range from CASCO Pet has over traditional animal cages is huge”