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Our installation

Every inch of space in this new practice has been meticulously designed, meaning our clinical housing slots into each ward seamlessly.

We installed enclosures in the cat ward, dog ward, recovery ward, isolation ward and overflow ward as well as installing two glass doors for dog walk-in kennels. The separation in space between wards provides a natural flow through the practice. This in turn means patients of different species and needs have the privacy they need, along with the added privacy glass and noise reduction included with all our CASCO kennels.

Our favourite feature is the internal heating, it means our patients can stay warm and toastie, as one of the risks after an anaesthetic is that a patient may get too cold. We have not seen any concerns with kennels getting too hot inside and the kennels come with their own ventilation to mitigate that
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS at Meadow Hall Vets

Our Client's Favourite Veterinary Clinical Housing Features

We were eagerly anticipating what Meadow Halls' favourite kennel 
feature would be and it was a unanimous result that the integrated 
heating was the winner. The staff all agreed that it is so important 
to keep patients at the right temperature after surgery as they can 
easily become cold, so it is understandable that the heating and 
ventilation was a firm favourite.

We have found the glass fronts much easier to clean, and that in turn keeps our bio-security between patients much better
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS at Meadow Hall Vets

Why Meadow Hall chose Glass over Metal

Controlling biosecurity between patients in metal cages is a challenge, especially when paws can reach outside of bars and contact other patients with such ease. Our toughened glass kennels have been designed with minimal surface areas and no access between kennels, meaning cleaning is quicker and patients do not cross contaminate. Meadow Hall decided it was time to move into the 21st century and improve all aspects of patient hygiene and recovery by choosing CASCO Pet clinical housing.

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