What was the inspiration behind starting CASCO Pet all those years ago? 

The inspiration behind starting CASCO Pet stemmed from my passion for animals and the desire to improve their well-being through innovative and enriching environments. Back in 1997, I noticed a lack of high-quality habitats and enclosures for fish, small animals, birds and reptiles in the pet retail and aquatic industry. I wanted to create a company that focused on animal enrichment while also engaging consumers in a captivating experience, something we like to call "Pet retail theatre".

The company has been on quite the journey since 1997. Can you guide us through the evolution from a commercial aquarium specialist to where you are today? 

Indeed, our journey has been one of constant growth and adaptation. While we initially specialised in commercial aquarium solutions, we expanded our horizons to pet retail which desired the same level of quality and innovation for their small animals, birds, and reptiles. This expansion led us to create a diverse range of animal habitats and enclosures, providing them with an enriched environment that fosters their natural behaviours and overall well-being.  

Although you originally started in the pet retail industry, you have expanded into the veterinarian sector and are making waves with your WELLKennels range. Tell us how that came about, and what it’s been like to see your innovations start to revolutionise the sector? 

The expansion into the veterinarian sector was motivated by a personal experience with my own French Bulldog, Delilah. She always suffered from anxiety and stress during visits to the vet, even for routine check-ups. But witnessing her distress in the cold and noisy cages during an overnight stay was heartbreaking – and I knew there had to be a better solution. 

Drawing from my expertise in pet welfare and working closely with veterinary professionals, we developed the WELLKennels range. These innovative kennels prioritise the comfort and well-being of pet patients, creating a calm and peaceful environment for both the animals and the dedicated veterinary teams. It’s immensely gratifying to know that our innovations are making a positive impact on pets' lives and supporting the veterinary community in providing top-notch care.  

As someone who prides themselves on disruptive entrepreneurship and innovation, how do you continue to be inspired in challenging industries? Is there anything you do to ensure you don’t become complacent? 

To maintain our commitment to innovation, we actively seek feedback from customers, veterinarians and industry experts. This helps us understand pain points and areas for improvement, driving us to create new and improved solutions. We foster a culture of creativity and open-mindedness within the company, encouraging our team to challenge conventional thinking and explore new possibilities. Embracing emerging technologies and staying ahead of industry trends allows us to continually raise the bar and stay relevant in a dynamic market. 

In what areas do you think the industry could improve moving forward? And what role can CASCO Pet play in helping to bring change about? 

Moving forward, the pet industry can make significant strides in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. At CASCO Pet, we are deeply committed to this cause and continually strive to develop eco-friendly pet products and packaging. 

We also aim to set an example, and actively participate in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Most recently, we have introduced a completely electric fleet of employee transportation in Portugal, which dramatically reduces the number of individual daily journeys to our Centre of Excellence – as well as installing solar panels which will provide over 90% of our energy requirements in Portugal, too.    

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When it comes to the future of vet/pet retail, what about that excites you the most? E.g., any emerging trends that you think are likely to have the most impact on the sector going forward? 


The future of vet and pet retail holds immense excitement for us at CASCO Pet. One of the most thrilling aspects is the increasing focus on animal welfare and enrichment. As pet owners become more conscious of their pets’ well-being, there is a growing demand for products and services that prioritise enriching their pets’ lives. 

Emerging trends, such as advanced technology and smart pet products, are likely to have a significant impact on the sector going forward. We see a rise in innovative solutions that use artificial intelligence, sensors and data analytics to monitor and improve pet health. These technologies not only provide pet owners with valuable insights into their pets’ behaviours and health, but also enable veterinarians to deliver more personalised and effective care. 

Another exciting trend is the push for sustainable and eco-friendly pet products. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, they seek products that have a positive impact on the planet. At CASCO Pet, we are committed to leading the way in this area, and we believe that the industry will increasingly embrace sustainability practices. 

Additionally, the integration of telemedicine and telehealth in the veterinary sector is set to transform how pet care is delivered. Virtual consultations and remote monitoring will not only enhance accessibility to veterinary care, but also enable quicker responses to emergencies and ongoing health management. 

Lastly, the humanisation of pets is a trend that continues to shape the industry. Pet owners consider their furry companions as part of the family, and they want products and services that reflect this sentiment. This trend is driving the demand for premium pet products, personalised services and unique experiences that cater to the special bond between pets and their owners. 

Overall, the combination of animal welfare, technological advancements, sustainability and the human-animal bond presents an exciting landscape for the future of vet and pet retail. As innovators in this space, we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to create solutions that will enhance the lives of pets and their owners alike.