"Dr Becker is an incredibly engaging speaker, a New York Times bestseller and a well-known TV personality in America. His sessions across the States are always highly sought after and often lead to queues around the block! We’re delighted to bring Dr Becker to the UK so vets here can learn about Fear Free® directly from its founder – and enjoy his warmth and humour. Our commitment exactly matches Dr Becker’s when it comes to improving animal wellness and reducing stress for pets, owners and veterinary staff, so it’s the perfect partnership.”
Matthew Bubear CEO, CASCO Pet

Visitors to Excel London on November 16th and 17th will be able to meet Dr Becker and Matthew Bubear on the CASCO Pet stand (H35) and see firsthand the company’s new generation of clinical housing solutions, WELLKennels.

CASCO Pet’s game-changing kennels are a radical alternative to traditional stainless steel cages and deliver unparalleled comfort and stress reduction. In addition, they are the only kennelling in Fear Free®’s Preferred Product Programme.

Made from specialist safety glass, the kennels provide maximum comfort, improved safety and hygiene control, and include options to vary ventilation, light and temperature. They are entirely customisable and therefore future proof.

“Our new range of WELLKennels enable vets to deliver gold-standard care and we can’t wait to demonstrate them in person to visitors to the London Vet Show.”
Matthew Bubear CEO, CASCO Pet