The End of Pet Retail?

As 'Pet Retail Experts', we truly believe that bricks and mortar stores can have the competitive edge against the emerging online threat. No matter how big or small your store is, you should consider your store a place for existing and future pet owners to connect with live pets. This is a huge advantage over online retailers, so capitalise on it by putting animals front and centre stage.

It is vital that your customer feels confident about shopping in your store, so make sure that you have expert advice on offer from approachable and knowledgeable staff. Petting areas for education are hugely popular with families, and can make a real difference to your live animal sales. You could even offer 'Feeding Times' and animal handling demonstrations to draw families into your store and promote responsible animal care. These are area of weakness for the online competition so ensure you make the most of this pet engagement.

But having live animals isn't the only way to demonstrate your point of difference. At CASCO Pet we believe in giving you the complete package. We offer a wide range of eye-catching habitats to display your pets, with programmable ambient lighting, and even motion-activated sound effects. This can then be customised with graphics and clever signage to create pet retail theatre in your store.

Sound and Vision

Use peripheral lighting to capture attention by highlighting displays or enhance your themed areas. For example, use under shelf lighting to draw attention to products being displayed, or project green light on to walls and floor around your reptile habitats to create a more natural ambience and added retail theatre. Blue around aquatics can add to the calming experience aquariums create. In the past programmable coloured lighting systems were expensive, however, new low cost LEDs are a cost- effective way of transforming retail spaces. For those with a slightly larger budget, added sound effects are another great way to add theatre and bring your spaces to life. Programmable motion detectors can activate sound effects that complement your animal display, such as trickling water, gentle waves or morning bird song.

Graphics and Signage

Zoos use signs in a variety of ways but the one we are most interested in is the use of signage to educate customers about the animal on display. You shouldn't assume customers will know anything about the pet they are looking at and they may very well be browsing rather than looking for something specific. The more information you can provide at the point of purchase the better. Providing information about the animal's natural habitat, care and equipment needed will not only help educate future pet owners, but is likely to help with decision making and inspire a purchase of the right pet and all the equipment required. Humanise your animals and create an 'adoptive' environment by displaying the age, breed information, likes, dislikes, and even the names of your pets. This additional information helps your customer to connect with an animal, and feel that it could become part of their family.

At CASCO Pet the health of your animals is a top priority. Our enclosures have innovative features that not only look amazing, allow for pet engagement and labour saving, but can actually help to improve the well-being of your pets. Ensure that the health of your animals is a visible priority, as this builds trust with your customer, who wants a happy and healthy pet that looks ready to be brought home.

With offices in the UK, US, Germany, Portugal and Australia we have a truly global team that can help you create an engaging environment and make your pets the stars of your store.