Putting Animal Welfare First

At CASCO Pet we are renown for our beautiful, practical, and precision engineered live animal enclosures and systems. Beyond this however, over our 20-year history our number one focus has always been on providing habitats that keep your pets healthy and happy while in store. Animal welfare is at the heart of CASCO Pet's values, and we know that it is at the forefront of our clients needs. Therefore, we will keep innovating environments and products that meet our high standards of quality and care, and exceed your expectations.

For your aquatic department, we offer a range of product options to ensure that your fish are kept in optimum conditions. Our Aquabar Professional LED Controller is a store energy management system that allows control on all lighting, allowing you to apply timing and dimming settings for each day of the week, with no sudden changes in brightness. This enables you to replicate a day to night cycle in your store, helping to create a realistic aquatic environment that will help to reduce fish stress levels. The Aquabar Professional LED Controller also monitors and reports temperature and water levels to aid you in maintaining balanced water quality in your aquatic units.

Further to this, we have created PowerPads together with market leader Tropical Marine Centre (TMC), to identify six water quality problems. PowerPads come as six filtration solutions combatting new aquarium start up, phosphate reduction, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate, as well as PowerPads for activating carbon, and clarifying you water. We understand how important it is to maintain balance in bacterial levels, particularly with new fish arriving regularly. PowerPads make this easy, helping to ensure that your fish stay healthy.

CASCO Pet Aquatic racks are all fitted with a 'ground probe'. Made of steel, the probe runs all electricity to the ground, ensuring that there is no risk of contact between water and electricity. This keeps both your staff and your pets safe. We also have a patent granted for our CASCO Connector, which provides a single and safe discharge to earth of any electrical current, in the event of system failure. It is the only connector system on the market that does not simply insulate each joint, but ensures that the entire structure remains as a 'connected' frame, earthed in one place making it much safer. These innovations demonstrate our commitment to setting industry standards across the board.

For all aquatic racks and animal enclosures we offer our specialist graphics. They can transform your store, bringing your customer into a magical environment that reflects the habitat of your animals. In turn, this can help your animals to feel more at home, surrounded by colours and images from their natural environment. We did a graphics test to prove that our graphics can actually improve the well-being of your fish, making them feel safer and more settled in your store. Watch the video to see the results.

With every design we ensure that the well-being of the animal is our priority, and so every animal enclosure is spacious, easy to clean, and supplied with high quality lighting and drinking bottles. This ensures that it is easier to maintain high quality care in your store, and makes the health of your animals a visible priority. Another essential feature of ensuring the security of your birds, small animals, and reptiles are our security locks, to ensure the safety of animals, customers, and staff. Our bird racks are also supplied with removable perches and feeders to keep your pets comfortable and content. Many of our bird aviaries feature removable trays for easy cleaning, and removable dividers for full flexibility.

A fantastic innovation for new or resting animals, CASCO Q-Glass provides the opportunity to turn transparent glass opaque at the click of a button. This ensures that animals that are resting or are still adjusting to their environment don't get stressed, which can help them to recover and be treated in peace. Our wide range of innovations focused on increasing pet health and happiness proves our dedication to animal welfare, and we are committed to this as we continue to develop new solutions for your store.