New Innovative Products

At CASCO Pet our unrivalled expertise in pet retail and animal display has enabled us to develop the most innovative pet and aquatic shop fittings on the market. Our innovative shop fittings and features will enhance your customer's retail experience and deliver real cost savings with efficient fixtures and reduced maintenance.

Pull Out Storage Unit

This versatile pull out storage unit houses all your essentials equipment in one place. Keeping everything organised and in instant view. It integrates with CASCO Pet's Aquatic, Birds, Reptile and Small Animals systems to completely complement your store design.

LED Controller

Our innovative Aquabar Professional LED Controller is the new store lighting management controller. Designed to help you manage your lighting, save labour and energy, thereby reducing your costs.

Aquascaping Module

CASCO Pet's new innovative aquascaping module gives your customers the ability to mock up their aquarium or terrarium décor in store, with numerous options to show them what their habitat will look like. With several changeable backgrounds and assets to mix and match, leaving nothing to the imagination and increase your aquascaping sales immeasurably.

Drop Off Display

A new level of aquatic display for fish, amphibians and terrapins

A new innovative feature from CASCO Pet, the 'drop-off display' is a simple yet exciting feature which adds another dimension to your in-store aquatic display. This unique display option for your freshwater or marine fish provides contrasting shallow and deep water within the same aquarium. Tanks can also be used to keep amphibians and terrapins having the water on different levels in the same aquarium.


CASCO Pet has combined its expert aquatic knowledge with market leaders Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) to identify six water balance problems and combat them with six filtration solutions. Branded as PowerPads, these filters are designed specifically for retail aquatic racks.