Make your pets the stars of your store

The chance for customers to connect with real life pets is a huge advantage over online retailers, so capitalise on it by putting your animals on centre stage.

You could consider a panoramic unit for birds or reptiles, which allows your customers to walk around the unit to view the animals. We can also install a low-level animal island, which is the perfect height for children to interact with your small animals, whilst keeping them comfortable and secure.

It is vital that your customer feels confident about shopping in your store, so make sure that you have expert advice on offer from approachable and knowledgeable staff. Petting areas for education are hugely popular with families, and can make a real difference to your live animal sales. You could even offer 'Feeding Times' and animal handling demonstrations to draw families into your store and promote responsible animal care.

At CASCO Pet the health of your animals is a top priority. Our enclosures have innovative features that not only look amazing and make maintenance simple, but can actually help to improve the well-being of your pets. Ensure that the health of your animals is a visible priority, as this builds trust with your customer, who is looking for a happy and healthy pet that looks ready to be brought home.

Contact us to find out more about how we make your pets the stars of your store.