It's all in the layout

At CASCO Pet we understand that customer experience is key. Improve this experience by encouraging your customer to take a journey through your store. Using your live animal habitats as focal points, you could create a series of environments that flow through the store. For example, starting with a meadow theme for small animals, to a desert theme in your reptile department, through to deep-sea aquatics, and ending in a jungle environment for birds. This can be achieved through a careful positioning of your habitats, and enhanced by lighting and graphics.

Retail shopping studies have found that most people turn right when they enter a store. That's because the majority of the population is right-handed and right-oriented. Consider placing your WOW feature or first set of live animal habitats at the right hand front of your store, as this is the area customers give your merchandise the most attention. Inspire them to purchase a live animal at this point.

Keeping these tips top of mind will help you plan and design the best layout for your store. CASCO Pet can help you visualise your new floor plan and we can provide 3D drawings so you can see exactly how it will look before installation. We have the technology to render a '3D walk through' of your store too, enabling you to walk around it prior to it being built. In addition to this we can design any customised units and then supply you with 3D concept drawings of how these would look once manufactured.

Every CASCO Pet habitat makes a bold statement. Our contemporary designs and quality is held in the highest regard around the world and sets the industry standard. Hand crafted in our own factories and using only the finest materials our expert design team ensure that every installation we create is at the forefront of technology and engineering excellence.

For more design inspiration, contact us.