Create a WOW feature in your store

No matter how big or small your store is, you should consider a design with a focal point of interest that will create a wow feature.

To make the most of your central space, why not consider a free standing habitat that enables your customers to walk around the unit to view the animals. We design and build an impressive range of free standing habitats for fish, small animals and birds that will truly bring your store to life, with unique displays incorporating personalised graphics, programmable lighting systems, and even motion-activated sound effects.

The 360 degree access allows your customers a fantastic opportunity to view the animals close up from every angle. Our islands and enclosures ensure that your livestock is as prominently displayed as possible, whilst injecting a sense of theatre into your store. Our focus is on the quality of the fixture, easy servicing and the amount of space required for the welfare of the animals. Innovative features make serving customers and maintenance tasks easy day to day.

More information about our freestanding enclosures and animal islands can be found in the habitats sections of our website:

Aquatic Centrepieces

Small Animal Islands

Reptile Islands

Bird Aviary Islands