Veterinary Housing at Vets4Pets Havant

Antony Bielovich

JVP VET at Havant Vets4Pets Clinic

When we were looking to open a brand new Vets4Pets clinic in Havant we wanted to create an environment centered around the patients' welfare. The clinic was built to be a consolidation of our local area where I am JVP in four other local clinics. We wanted to look at an alternative to the traditional cages for housing the pets, and after researching decided that CASCO Pet's Veterinary housing range covered everything that we needed.

At Vets4Pets we have a focus on the patient's experience while in the clinic as well as the owner's experience bringing the patient into the clinic. We understand that leaving your pet with a veterinary clinic is a daunting prospect, so the client must feel comfortable with the facilities on offer.

The new pet housing has brought an up-to-date feel and look to the practice making it stand out as a modern alternative to the more traditional veterinary clinics and shows us as a practice that cares about animal welfare. We have seen a positive impact on the impression made on our new clients. The clients' immediate response is relief when they first view the new housing and often to comment on how nice it is especially when they see the soft lighting and lack of metal bars. Customers view the housing as a much more "high end" housing solution than traditional cages.

"The benefit the new housing range from CASCO Pet has over more traditional animal cages is huge."

The pets are easier to view within the housing. The addition of integrated heat mats allow pets to be supported without having bulky heating pads and insulation covers cluttering the enclosures; this means the pets remain calm, warm and less disturbed while in our care. When being prepped for, and recovering from surgery the pets can remain safely inside the housing negating the need for incubators, especially for smaller pets such as rabbits.

The housing makes the overall process of caring for animals easier with the simple locking handles which can be operated one handed, and the increased brightness within the housing all contributing to an increase in animal welfare and client satisfaction.

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