​CASCO Pet Innovation Committee Meeting

CASCO Pet Innovation Committee Meeting

At CASCO Pet we believe Innovation is a catalyst to growth and customer satisfaction so we place it at the heart our business. Innovation should be collaborative and we encourage ideas from across the business at all times – regardless of how big or small they are. To that end, we created our Innovation Committee where experts from across our global business meet to contribute to the creation and implementation of new product and service ideas.

2016 saw the successful launch of many new products following our Innovation Meeting in Portugal. The team were back together this week for our first Innovation Committee Meeting of 2017. The meeting took place over two days at the stunning 17th Century Country House, Ghyll Manor. Set in 40 acres of beautiful English country side side it was the ideal place for the team to get inspired, brainstorm and share ideas.

We are very excited about the new product ideas that were generated, so watch this space for more news as we start to bring these products to marketing during the year.