A clean, tidy and efficient way to keep your live animal department

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As well as creating retail theatre through diverse and immersive designs, we also aim to keep our products practical with clever storage facilities. A busy pet store can get messy, so it's important to us to provide cleaning units with a health and safety conscious design.

Our pull-out storage units house all your essential equipment in one place. The unit contains 4 metal trays, a bagging station, a lockable chemical cupboard, a hand towel dispenser and liquid hand sanitizer pumps. In addition to ample storage and cleaning facilities, there is the added benefit of space to store your essential step ladder within easy reach, yet out of sight and reach of customers.

The pull-out storage unit slides on smooth runners with a soft closing mechanism and fits seamlessly into any aquatic design. You have the option to keep the unit simple with the same fascia colours, or you can transform the front by adding background graphics. For example, the image on the right displays a bright all-encompassing graphic theme from the header to the unit itself. This system can be easily integrated for reptile, bird and small animal systems too. As well as housing a storage facility, this unit also pulls out completely and acts as an entry door providing access to the back of aquatic systems. This simple feature means there is a safe entrance that is hidden from public view.

We know that the integrated pull out storage and cleaning unit can help with the every day running of your pet store, simply by making everything accessible. This saves time and ultimately leads to a cleaner and more appealing live animal department. Every aspect of our design is tailored to increasing your stores footfall and ultimately, making it as easy as possible to look after the animals.

If you're interested in a hygienic and practical pet retail environment, why not give us a call?