5 Reasons our Clinical Veterinary Housing is revolutionising the Veterinary industry

1. Significantly quieter than stainless steel cages

Allowing for a quieter and calmer environment for your patients to recover, leading to quicker recovery times and an overall nicer experience for the animals.

2. Hygienic and easy to clean

Without bars, the housing has easy to wipe surfaces leading to a cleaner and more hygienic environment for animal recovery.

3. Built-in heat mats

Integrated heat mats allow the patient to choose whether to lay on the heat mat or sit on a cooler area of the enclosure. All of our Clinical Veterinary Housing comes with an inbuilt thermostat and ventilation allowing for complete control over the temperature inside the enclosure. All of this results in a more pleasant environment encouraging rest and recovery.

4. Privacy Doors

Giving cats privacy allows for a calmer environment aiding their recovery and allows them to recover without distractions from outside the enclosure.

5. Integrated LED Lighting

Giving more visibility to veterinary staff and allowing assessments to be undertaken when the patient is still within the enclosure, reducing stress and saving time. The LED lighting gives a soft calming even light throughout the housing and can be turned off individually on each enclosure.

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