Vets4Pets - Havant, United Kingdom

The Installation

Vets4Pets in Havant was an entirely new clinic, installed on a mezzanine level in an existing Pets at Home store. They chose CASCO Pet due to the modern enclosures we offer, with LED lighting making animals easy to examine. Each unit is plumbed to the central air extraction, reducing smells and stale air, with power to each unit ensuring that electronic devices can be used safely for patients and staff. We installed two dog units, two walk-in doors, a cat ward with space for eight cats, and a specialist storage unit. The installation went smoothly, despite the challenges of a small-space ward. Our expert engineers were able to install to a tight deadline, including built in power, heating, lighting, and ventilation.

The Result

The clients love the units, feeling that their pets are in a modern and caring practice. Functionally, time is saved by reducing the number of times animals are moved. This also helps to reduce stress in pets, alongside lower noise levels and privacy glass for cats. The overall look is clean and contemporary, with the clinic now open and welcoming new patients.

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