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Our patients are more comfortable - they are less afraid or anxious which ultimately means we can provide better care for them and are less likely to get injured. Our team also takes pride in having something unique that really does make it better for pets.
Chris Dietrich Vet / Owner at TruBOND

Our installation

When opening truBOND Veterinary Center, Chris’ goal was to create a better experience for pets and his hospital associates. While they struggled to find any alternatives to cages that satisfied what they needed, they soon found CASCO Pet!

With the help of our design team Chris’ clinic now features numerous gold/silver dog stacks, gold cat stacks, and dog walk-in kennels meaning he has plenty of space to house and care for pets of all different sizes, while removing many of the challenges he faced before. 

Our Client's Favourite Veterinary Clinical Housing Features

I love all of it! My favourite part of the enclosures is the inviting feel that the dimmable lighting and colour scheme create. We find that pets will freely walk in and out of the enclosures without hesitation versus stainless steel kennels that pets often need to be forced into.  

The glass surfaces also make it easy to see when/where the enclosure needs to be cleaned and the latches are much more secure than the traditional enclosures. The sound is greatly reduced through the glass versus steel which reverberates and almost amplifies the sound.  

The heated floors have helped with patients that are critical or recovering from anaesthesia and the convenience of having an electrical outlet at each enclosure is priceless. We also enjoy the ability to divide or open kennels depending on the patient size using the dividers and our cat patients appreciate the privacy of the half-frosted doors!

Great people and great service. Complete professionals and experts at what they do. No high-pressure sales, but a desire to understand the vision of the practice and see how they can help.
Chris Dietrich Vet / Owner at TruBOND

Post-installation Feedback

Clients have been blown away with the enclosures. They are used to seeing pets "behind bars", but when they see our enclosures, they immediately sense that we care. I found our clients telling other pet owners about our clinic and specifically referring to the enclosures.

I was also impressed with the project managers and engineers. We had a few issues with the design and installation of large dog runs, and CASCO was quick to come up with a great solution. I've been impressed with the continued desire to make these enclosures the best they can be.

I have recommended, and will continue to recommend CASCO Pet to my friends and colleagues.

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