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Our installation

Being fear free certified and not wishing to take forward any past experiences into her new wellbeing centre, Dana went searching for alternatives to stainless steel and found CASCO’s glass clinical housing was the perfect fit!

Working together with our design team we fitted out Dana’s surgery, isolation, and rehab wards, as well as the office and laundry/utilities areas with a combination of gold/silver cat and dog stacks. Dog walk-in doors were also added to larger pens to accommodate bigger pets. We even went to the level of customising the enclosure door handles with Urban Paw’s logo to add that extra personal touch.

The add-ons that come with CASCO’s clinical housing are a huge bonus. No one else has heating elements, lights and other features that support the day-to-day operations of a vet hospital.
Dana Novara Owner and Founder at UrbanPaw

Our Client's Favourite Veterinary Clinical Housing Features

I love the dimmer switches and the heating elements the most.  I can control patient temperatures before and after procedures and dim the lights for them when they are groggy and sensitive to light.

Noise reduction has also been a huge benefit to us but being able to keep patients warm has been incredible too. A surprising thing for me was how the enclosures help with associate engagement as well. 

They are also much safer for my patients. I find that they are not as restless when they stay in CASCO kennels, just overall more settled. I don’t see as much pacing, staring at corners and cowering.

The glass design is much easier on the eyes than stainless steel – by far! There’s something about not feeling like you are looking at jail cells all day. The easy cleaning surfaces keeps the team happy and I really feel like we are controlling our sanitation processes. 

I really have been thrilled with the enclosures and Kevin has been so responsive and kind. I took a look at the new DRC lighting which looks incredible, and I can’t wait to try them.
Dana Novara Owner and Founder at UrbanPaw

Post-installation Feedback

Our new enclosures have been a real selling point for promoting our new business. I try to feature them in our social posts and make sure pet owners see them on their first visit to us. Clients are shocked, they are finding it hard to believe that is where their pets will be staying. We had an open house and one client said, “that’s where the pets stay!?” They look so beautiful, and we’ve found that owners have an easier time leaving their pets with us for the day. It definitely makes an impact on their perception of the level of care their pet will receive from us.

I really think this is the future of enclosure systems in vet med. I already have two friends that have signed up for CASCO stacks as a result.

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