Most Innovative Brick and Mortar Differentiator…

CASCO Pet award

We are elated to announce that whilst exhibiting at Global Pet Expo 2019, we received a prestigious award from our customer, Petsense.

Petsense are a US based chain of pet retail stores that offer quality pet products at a competitive price. With over 150 store locations spanning 24 states, Petsense are a cornerstone of the US pet retail establishment.

CASCO Pet have been recognised as Petsense's 'Most Innovative Brick and Mortar Differentiator' in 2018. Only one year ago, at Global Pet Expo 2018, we started discussing the collaborative vision of introducing the specialty live animal category and CASCO Pet's 'Retail Theatre' into Petsense store locations. A year later, in partnership with the Central Pet, Segrest Farms and Sun Pet teams, we've made that collaborative vision a reality.

By incorporating the specialty live animal category into their brick and mortar store locations, Petsense have challenged the e-commerce 'comforts of home shopping' mentality, driving customers into their stores and ultimately increasing sales.

We are extremely humbled to have won this award and from the entire CASCO Pet global team, we thank Petsense for their trust and ongoing partnership!

CASCO Pet CEO, Matthew Bubear commented: "We've had a lot of great things said about our business, but this has to be an all-time favourite."