Check out our recently refitted showroom…

We have some big changes at the CASCO Pet UK showroom. We have been working on a showroom refit and we are pleased to announce it's now complete! We welcome visitors to all our showrooms, so please contact us to arrange a visit to your nearest location. For those of you with a keen eye, you may have already seen our promo video, if not check it out here!

What was the main purpose of the redesign?

As part of our core values, innovation is second nature to us. We prioritise developing safe and secure habitats by using high-quality materials and technologically advanced systems. Our UK showroom showcases all our high-tech products and systems, all of which are exceeding the quality of those used by competitors, including our Patent pending CASCOPurge filter, CASCOPure balls, and Smart flow pumps. Integrated graphics allow us to create realistic pet environments, without jeopardising space or hygiene. For example, we replace gravel with graphics for the aquatic unit flooring for easy cleaning and consistent design. The dark gloss finish units create a striking contrast with the bright, colourful aquatic and reptile interiors. Furthermore, the small animal pet spaces feel spacious, bright and airy. This truly reflects how strongly we care about animal welfare and conditions. Our in-house CAD and Graphic technician's design mimics a typical store installation perspective. I think we can all agree that the designs are consistent and sleek. Our technician can design 2D and 3D designs for retail too.

Keeping Live Animals in our showrooms

As with all our CASCO Pet showrooms. The vast range of fish including south American Discuss and our beloved bearded dragons make for a relaxing experience that is truly immersive. We know our products work and our healthy live animals in our showroom confirm this.
The live animals are a true representation of how the animals should be kept when in retail environments. For example, the UV and lighting in the reptile vivariums are highly important for the animal's health. Equally, the fish lighting and filtration are fundamental aspects to their welfare.

How is our showroom useful to us?

The UK showroom was also designed with office life in mind, giving us space for meetings as well as having a relaxing place for screen breaks and lunch times.
Of course, the showroom is not just for staff. It is a professional space for meeting prospective ad retained clients, as well as displaying the very best features of our pet retail installations. This redesign is truly setting an example for the kind of customer journey we can create in your pet store.

The Ultrō Aquariums range…

The Ultrō aquariums range is beautifully designed by our new German team. They are hand-crafted and high-quality aquariums, tailored to our consumer market. Our Ultrō display was professionally aquascaped by well-known Aquascaper George Farmer, this really brought our aquarium display to life. We have 3 different sizes on display in our showroom, all designed to be the focal point in your room. You can find our stunning designs on