Examination/Consultation Room Fit-Out: Foster a professional and calming atmosphere for your patients with our thoughtfully designed examination and consultation room fit-outs.


Examination/Consultation Tables: Ensure comfort and functionality for both pets and practitioners with our ergonomic examination and consultation tables.


Waiting Area Seating/Furniture: Create a welcoming environment for pet owners while they wait with our comfortable and durable waiting area seating and furniture.


Prep Area Storage Cabinets: Keep your veterinary clinic organised and efficient with our practical prep area storage cabinets, designed for easy access to essential supplies.

Nurse Workstations: Optimise workflow and productivity with our customisable nurse work stations, equipped with storage solutions and ergonomic design features.


Dispensary Storage Solutions: Streamline medication management and enhance efficiency with our purpose-built storage solutions. Our cabinets and shelving units are meticulously designed for easy access to medications and supplies, ensuring seamless patient care. Customisable configurations and ergonomic features promote workflow optimisation, allowing your clinic to operate at its best.

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