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We design and build large scale distribution centre aquariums for wholesale facilities. The stepped aquarium design means you have easy access to the large quantities of fish as a well as easy access for cleaning. This design is also space saving and means you can provide plenty of stock for your customers.

We offer these facilities with our CASCOPurge filtration, specially adapted for filtering larger water capacities. The Purge filtration is specially designed to work with aquarium sumps and ensures your water stays clean, safe and hygienic. The fully welded structures are built with high quality aluminium which provides a stable and secure structure for the aquariums. We have safe earthing capabilities to ensure no fish are hurt in the event of electrical faults.

Distribution Centre
Wholesale distribution centre Brighton maidenhead 2020

When designing custom products for our Wholesale Customers our focus changes from delivering that all important retail WOW factor, to more practical system that can cope with volume, large fluctuating biological loads and ease of access for staff and customers alike.  

Most importantly, the CASCO systems allow for high quality care of the livestock, as they are easy to  access and designed to control pathogens from newly arrived fish.  Keeping the fish in excellent condition is imperative to a wholesale business, as they are prepared to be moved to pet stores. 

The addition of our technological innovations, CASCOPurge and CASCOPure, mean we deliver further labour saving benefits too.

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