Step 1: Determine the Types of Animals to House 


Begin by identifying the types of animals you need to house. This will influence your choice of kennel configurations and additional features. 


Step 2: Choose Your WELLKennels 


Find the most popular kennel configurations for Cats, Dogs, and Exotic animals. Select the kennel sizes and styles that best suit your requirements. Ensure they fit within your available space. 


Step 3: Choose Your Key Components


The Control Panel is the central hub for managing all Key Components. Customize it to your needs by selecting the ones you require. Options may include: Heating, Patented DRC lighting system, Ventilation, Multi-purpose Bracket, USB power port.

The great news is our new and improved Control Panel can have Key Components added at a later date to meet changes in your practice's needs. Making it both sustainable and future proofed.


Step 4: Explore Storage & Cabinetry Solutions 


Consider your storage needs for equipment and supplies. Select storage solutions or pump cabinets that seamlessly integrate with your chosen WELLKennels to keep your practice organized and efficient. 


Step 5: Add Optional Extras 


We have created a range of optional extras to enhance your stack and deliver further operational benefits. Our full range includes O2 Door, Kennel removable dividers, Door-mounted pump holder, IV Stand (requires the Multi-purpose Bracket).


Step 6: Review and Finalise 


Double-check your selections and configurations to ensure they meet your specific needs and budget. Once you've completed these steps, you'll have a personalized WELLKennels stack tailored to your practice's requirements, providing an optimal environment for housing and caring for your patients.

Create your customized Control Panel 

Complete control at your fingertips

Our Starter Panel is designed to provide essential functionality while allowing you the flexibility to tailor it to your unique requirements, today and in the future.  As your needs evolve or change, you have the option to cost effectively enhance your panel by adding extra components and accessories at any time, ensuring sustained adaptability as your practice evolves.  

Starter Panel

External Socket

Power external devices, such as infusion pumps, with minimized clutter, optimizing space and usability.

Illuminated White Board

Jot down essential patient notes or crucial information, making it accessible and visible for the whole team. The illumination ensures clarity, even in subdued lighting.

Configure your panel from the components below

Key Components


Deliver personalized warmth levels to guarantee comfort with our thermostatically controlled built-in Heat Mats.

Dimmable LED Lighting

With our dimmable daylight LED, you can seamlessly control and adapt lighting to each patient’s unique needs swiftly and efficiently.

Patented DRC Lighting System

Patented DRC (Daylight, Recovery, Cleaning): An intelligent lighting system which supports operational efficiency and sets new standards in comfort, care and hygiene.


Manage active ventilation directly from the control panel.

Multi-purpose Bracket

A versatile addition to the panel that supports a variety of ancillary products. With no trailing cables and loose IV lines between kennels or on the floor, this feature epitomises safety and functionality.

IV Stand

Fit the IV Stand to the Multi-purpose Bracket to securely hang IV fluid bags.

USB Power Port

Charge or synchronise devices with ease, ensuring uninterrupted service.

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