CASCO Pet’s WELLKennels are a revolutionary breakthrough in veterinary animal housing. The benefits they offer over traditional cages are awesome and truly speak to the Fear Free principles we promote globally.
Dr Marty Becker Founder & Chief Relationships Officer at Fear Free
A great company to deal with, they worked with our charity to ensure we received the equipment that was best suited to our needs. Installation was very straightforward, the techs were very professional and explained everything in detail. We would not hesitate to use CASCO Pet again.
Jacqueline Leggatt Operations Manager at Freshfields Animal Rescue
Cat condos - the cats are very happy in the spacious accommodation and we have found the boarders to be much more content since using WELLKennels. Despite a small glitch with the delivery which was quickly remedied, customer service has been excellent and we were kept informed of projected lead times and delivery dates throughout. Should we be refurbishing any other areas, I would definitely be contacting CASCO Pet again!
Lindsey Edwards Owner at Woodview Veterinary Clinic
Veterinary enclosure red light sleep dogs and cat
Fear & anxiety contribute to patient morbidity. The Casco enclosures are the quietest and most comfortable product on the market. We knew immediately that these enclosures were the ideal choice for UrgentVet's network of clinics.
J. Dobies President at UrgentVet
Incredibly cool idea!! When I worked overnight shifts in a specialty veterinary hospital the number one issue I found was the lighting. The technicians are doing rounds every 60 minutes and the hospital stayed bright 24 hours a day. I would turn off all the lights where patients were sleeping, however in 1 hour I would be back for rounds and turning all the light back on. I was constantly worried about the rest my patients were getting. We know that rest is best for healing.
Regan Zeller Veterinary Professional
You can tell patients feel more secure and private in their CASCO kennels, with less interference from noisy and nosey neighbours. This is reassuring for us, our clients and most importantly, our patients!
Michael Lazaris Vet & Director
Cleaning our CASCO kennels is incredibly easy, especially since we don’t have to wipe around numerous metal bars. Their new disinfectant spray leaves the glass clean and streak-free.
Michael Lazaris Vet & Director
"Competitors in general wanted to call in architects and go to all these lavish means, just to create what CASCO Pet was able to do in a few months!"
Jerod Vannatter
These are infinitely better than anything else out there.
Our patients are more comfortable - they are less afraid or anxious which ultimately means we can provide better care for them and are less likely to get injured. Our team also takes pride in having something unique that really does make it better for pets.
Chris Dietrich Owner
Great people and great service. Complete professionals and experts at what they do. No high-pressure sales, but a desire to understand the vision of the practice and see how they can help.
Chris Dietrich Owner
Vet Clinic Spain Castilla Pablo Buscarini
“It’s not a simple cage, it’s a radical change towards a real hospitalization unit”
Pablo Buscarini Co-Founder, Axavet Soluciones Veterinarias Spain
We have found the glass fronts much easier to clean, and that in turn keeps our bio-security between patients much better
The add-ons that come with CASCO’s clinical housing are a huge bonus. No one else has heating elements, lights and other features that support the day-to-day operations of a vet hospital.
Dana Novara Owner and Founder
I really have been thrilled with the enclosures and Kevin has been so responsive and kind. I took a look at the new DRC lighting which looks incredible, and I can’t wait to try them.
Dana Novara Owner and Founder
V4P Havant CASCO Pet veterinary enclosures
“The benefit the new housing range from CASCO Pet has over traditional animal cages is huge”
Antony Bielovich JVP Vet at Havant.
We have found the glass fronts much easier to clean, and that in turn keeps our bio-security between patients much better
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS
Our favourite feature is the internal heating, it means our patients can stay warm and toastie, as one of the risks after an anaesthetic is that a patient may get too cold. We have not seen any concerns with kennels getting too hot inside and the kennels come with their own ventilation to mitigate that
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS
As has been the way during COVID times shipping and installation was a challenge! The team at CASCO were super helpful and supportive. They maintained regular contact while we waited for the Sydney then Melbourne lockdown to end, problem solved for delivery and their friendly and professional installation team installed the unit with no disruption to clinic operations. They also cleaned up after installation and left the cat ward spotless!
Nyree Veterinarian
Normal cages would have let the practice down, and using CASCO Pet enclosures has improved our image. Clients want to see their pets in a nice environment and these kennels are as nice as you can get
Jonathan Underwood Vet, Owner - Hawthorn Vets
Now that we are using the CASCO Silver Cat Stack we love it so much! It is light, open and airy. The unit is super quiet even with the lights and heated floors turned on. The door latches are very secure and our patients have been much more relaxed in the cat stack and the heated floors are a particular hit!
Nyree Veterinarian