Photocatalytically enhanced, professional 55W titanium lined UV steriliser

After rigorous testing, we have found that our UV is up to a third more effective at sterilisation than a standard UV system. This means increased control over the health of your aquatic system.

The titanium UV also provides improved water clarity through production of hydroxyl free radicals, which work to oxidise organic and inorganic matter, without negatively effecting the fish.

The titanium sleeve encasing the polymer UV steriliser body protects the lamp from degrading it. Standard UV systems require lamp changes every 6 months, whereas the titanium UV lamp requires changing only once per year. This results in a considerable reduction in parts, labour time and costs.

Installing the titanium UV to your aquarium system will result in cleaner, clearer water and an overall reduction in fish mortality. The CASCO Pet Titanium UV Sterilizer can be fitted to any commercial fish rack system.

Uv Titanium Sterilizer filter water aquarium

CASCO UV Titanium Sterilizer

Features & Benefits

  • 55W lamp 
  • 12 month lamp life cycle 
  • Titanium sleeve 
  • Polymer UV body 
  • Removes water borne pathogens 
  • Controls aquarium parasites and diseases

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