Daylight Mode: Clear Vision, Reduced Stress


Veterinary professionals understand the significance of keen observation. The DRC’s daylight mode offers unparalleled visibility. Mimicking natural daylight, it also supports the patient's natural vision, helping them recognise caregivers during recovery, leaving them calm and more relaxed.  Thereby reducing stress and anxiety, which can influence recovery duration.

Moreover, the light emulates natural daylight, preserving the patient's intrinsic circadian rhythm, a critical aspect often overlooked in veterinary practices.

Recovery Mode: Undisturbed Rest


Recovery hinges on quality sleep. The DRC's red light offers an ingenious solution, allowing for continuous observation without disrupting the patient's rest. Considering that many mammals, including cats and dogs, lack cone receptors for the red spectrum, this light mode ensures they are not disturbed from their sleep cycles, enhancing their rest and recuperation and ultimately their recovery.

Cleaning Mode: Precision Hygiene


In a veterinary setting, cleanliness is not just about appearance – it is about safety. The DRC's blue harmless UVA light transforms cleaning protocols by making visible what is often invisible. When illuminated, organic materials like blood, urine, or mucus fluoresce, enabling meticulous cleaning that could be missed by the human eye. With the Cleaning mode activated, staff can ensure every corner is pristine, maximizing biosecurity and minimizing cross-contamination risks.

Why Choose our Patented DRC Lighting?

Enhanced Observation and Comfort

Provides superior visibility for veterinary teams, supports animal vision for caregiver recognition, reduces stress, and maintains a calmer environment.

Circadian Rhythm Conservation

Maintain intrinsic sleep-wake cycles, a benefit which is often overlooked.

Precision Monitoring

Non-intrusive, undisturbed nighttime observation crucial patient rest and recovery.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes for veterinary tasks and monitoring, reducing intervention times.

Precision Hygiene Protocols

UVA light ensures exhaustive detection and cleaning of organic contaminants to improve hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination.

D.R.C. Lighting system. See how it will revolutionise your clinic

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Incredibly cool idea!! When I worked overnight shifts in a specialty veterinary hospital the number one issue I found was the lighting. The technicians are doing rounds every 60 minutes and the hospital stayed bright 24 hours a day. I would turn off all the lights where patients were sleeping, however in 1 hour I would be back for rounds and turning all the light back on. I was constantly worried about the rest my patients were getting. We know that rest is best for healing.
Regan Zeller Veterinary Professional

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