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Natural Visual Support

LED lighting supports natural vision, making it easier for veterinarians to examine and treat patients effectively.

Circadian Rhythm Regulation

Maintaining a consistent circadian rhythm helps patients remain calm and aids in their recovery.

Caregiver Recognition

Patients can easily recognise their caregivers in a well-lit environment, enhancing trust and reducing stress, a vital component of veterinary care.

Incredibly cool idea!! When I worked overnight shifts in a specialty veterinary hospital the number one issue I found was the lighting. The technicians are doing rounds every 60 minutes and the hospital stayed bright 24 hours a day. I would turn off all the lights where patients were sleeping, however in 1 hour I would be back for rounds and turning all the light back on. I was constantly worried about the rest my patients were getting. We know that rest is best for healing.
Regan Zeller Veterinary Professional

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