Aside from being affordable and convenient, UrgentVet clinics are designed to ensure animal welfare and safety is an utmost concern. With their emphasis on a calm vet experience, each location provides non-slip flooring, dimmable lighting, soothing colors, soft music, calming pheromones, and quiet equipment. 

UrgentVet has taken an already anxious environment for pets, and created a much more comfortable, stress-free setting. Furry family members and their owners will be forever grateful for the thought and care UrgentVet has put into their clinics.

Veterinary Cages for pet recovery
“UrgentVet continually seeks out products and equipment that improves the experience that pets, and pet parents have in our clinics. CASCO enclosures are far more comfortable and less scary than traditional animal cages. As soon as we saw the enclosures, we knew that they were the best choice for our clinics.”
Dr. J Dobies

Our installation

CASCO Pet’s innovative and warm kennels were created with animal safety and wellbeing in mind. Thus, making the relationship with UrgentVet a natural fit.

Currently CASCO Pet has been fortunate enough to have installed fixtures in over 3 UrgentVet, thus far.

Each location is now equipped with 2 ‘Dog Multi-stack’ kennels, featuring CASCO’s state of the art, DRC Lighting system. The DRC lighting is a perfect addition to UrgentVet’s ‘calm experience’ design, as this 3-in-1 system offers various lighting modes specific to each individual kennel, depending on the inhabitant’s need. UrgentVet caregivers can provide accurate care and attention to their patients, without disruption pre and post procedure.


“Since our caregivers are Fear-Free certified, the CASCO enclosures help our teams reduce stress and anxiety in our patients.” – Dr. Jim Dobies

Our client’s favorite veterinary clinical housing features

With all the innovative features CASCO Pet brings to the veterinary industry it is easy to identify favorite features! After speaking to a few UrgentVet staff members, they all shared very similar opinions.

The DRC lighting system has proven to be quite the attraction for the caregivers. They love the multiple lighting options available to cater to their patient’s specific level of care!

The kennels are much more inviting than the industry standard metal cages. The reduction in noise is substantial, therefore contributing to a calmer and less stressful setting for their patients. 

UrgentVet patients seem to find comfort in their temporary homes, which proves to be beneficial to these pets during an already anxious environment.

“CASCO enclosures are a clear game changer in the veterinary health profession. Veterinarians have a responsibility to ensure the comfort and emotional well-being of companion animals. One look at calm dogs and cats in these enclosures tells any observer that CASCO’s technology is light years ahead of traditional metal and fiberglass caging.”
Dr. J Dobies

Post-install feedback

“Clients are amazed. They’ve never seen anything like them. Several clients have remarked that they wanted to curl up and take a nap inside!”

“The glass is smooth and impervious with no hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It is easy to completely sanitize the CASCO enclosures!”

Recovery light patients

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