Their goals, mission and objects from the very start have always been:

  1. To promote animal welfare with special emphasis on spaying and neutering pets.
  2. To provide financial assistance to needy underprivileged pet owners so they can afford to spay/neuter their pets to stop the overpopulation in West Virginia
  3. To provide education to the public to emphasize the pet overpopulation problem and to try to curb the pet overpopulation in West Virginia.

In speaking with President & Clinic Manager, Jerod Vannatter, 'The Cats House' had been working well as an open living space for all Clinic cats, until a few viral outbreaks affected the large area. He and staff were now faced with the issue of separating the cats to avoid further outbreaks and contamination. 

"Competitors in general wanted to call in architects and go to all these lavish means, just to create what CASCO Pet was able to do in a few months!"
Jerod Vannatter

Our installation

While researching solutions to change the 'Cat House' layout and eliminate any future outbreaks, one thing Jerod and his staff knew for certain, whatever they decided on, it needed to be non-stressful and provide their program cats with a sense of 'freedom'.

Enter CASCO Pet!

"Thus, after a lengthy search of other Humane Societies and Shelters, we stumbled upon Casco." - Jerod Vannatter

After explaining their needs and wants for 'The Cats House', Jerod and his Board of Directors signed off on the 13 'walk-in' kennel enclosure layout CASCO Pet provided. These large enclosures allowed the cats to enjoy their own large, personal living area, safer from any potential outbreaks or contamination!

Our client’s favorite veterinary clinical housing features

Being able to see all our program cats and see them interacting around each other, safely, through the glass, is our favorite feature!

The cats seem to really enjoy being able to see each other and have a spacious living area!

Post-install feedback

Our clients love the new kennel areas. They are now able to get in with the cats and play while visiting their potential new family member!

Space and the visual appeal are the most notable difference in the old stainless-steel cages.The kennels are much easier to clean, but as expected do take a little longer and more effort. When you compare the size of their old steel cages to the new walk-in kennel, there is a considerable size difference. Overall product reliability, professional look, and CASCO was able to meet and exceed our adopt program's needs!

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