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This three-tier rack consists of enclosures that are divided into 4, 3 and 2 compartments perfectly sized for various reptiles and amphibians. The unit comes complete with full heating and lighting to ensure the perfect environment for the reptiles and their wellness. The drainage, misting and rain making system further promotes animal welfare with accessible front access to ensure ease of maintenance, feeding and care.

Rainforest Rack

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Rack Dimensions

Length: 1293 mm / 50”
Width: 500 mm / 20”
Height: 2300 mm / 91”

Vivarium Dimensions

Length: 1233 mm / 48”
Width: 500 mm / 20” at the top, 355 mm /14" at the base
Height: 720 mm / 28”

Length: 1233 mm / 48”
Width: 355 mm / 14”
Height: 420 mm / 17”

Length: 1233 mm / 48”
Width: 355 mm / 14” at the top, 500 mm / 20” at the base
Height: 420 mm / 17”



Custom fascia RAL colours
Integrated realistic graphics
Illuminated header panels
Heating equipment and thermostats
Amphibian tanks available
Aluminium doors for rear access only

Rainforest Rack

Features & Benefits

  • Eye-catching display solution for rainforest/arboreal reptiles and amphibians
  • Panoramic glass and holistic graphics for a dramatic and naturalist habitat
  • A sleek addition to a run of reptile/aquatic racks to add interest
  • Easy-to-use and accessible for quick feeding and maintenance
  • Built-in misting and rain/drip systems for a realistic environment

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