Design Your Own System

CASCO Pet’s versatile aquatic racks can be configured to a multitude of different combinations from look and feel to filtration and lighting options. Ultimately you want a system that suits you and your pet store.

Here you can play with the layout of levels and compartments, choose any colour, and add graphics to get your desired look and functionality for your pet store or department. You can even include a TV screen in one of the aquariums to display promotional messages to your customers. See how illuminated header panels could attract customers or even brand them with your company logo. Once you have your preferences set you can save your design and request a quote for your personalised system.

Step 1 - Water Type

  What type of fish will the tank be containing?

Step 2 - Tank Type

  What will your Tank Type be?

Step 3 - Filtration Options

  What are your filtration options?

Step 4 - Tank Display Options

  What display features would you like?

Specification Summary

  • Water Type : Marine
  • Tank Type : Standard System
  • Number of Levels : 2
  • Variable Water Level : No
  • Filtration Type : 2
  • Aquarium Material : Acrylic Aquariums
  • TV Display? ( Level 2 Only ) : No
  • Sump Doors or Graphics Panel : Sump Doors
  • Lighting Type : LED
  • Illuminated Graphic Headers : No
  • Profile Graphics : No
  • Choose any colour for the rack : #474A51
  • Level 1 No. of compartments : 1
  • Level 2 No. of compartments : 1
  • Level 3 No. of compartments : NA
  • Level 4 No. of compartments : NA
  • Designed by our pet retail experts
  • High quality manufacturing standards
  • Packed with innovative features
  • Supported by CASCO Pet - Smart Support

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