Tropical Theme Bird Racks

Engage your customers with our vibrant Bird Racks. Colorful birds and lively chatter make this display a great engagement piece for your store.

Bird Aviaries Terramino

Deep Sea Theme Aquatic Displays

Transport your customers into the mesmerizing underwater world with our Aquatic Displays. Exhibit a variety of colorful marine and freshwater fish that will grab your customers' attention.


Larger and more unusual fish take center stage in our Fishponds, creating intrigue and serving as a captivating statement piece in the middle of your store.

Desert Theme Reptile Racks

Combine inspiring graphics, exotic rain, and mist machines with our Reptile Racks. Practicality meets beauty, creating a unique experience for reptile enthusiasts.

Meadow Theme Small Animal Islands

Step into the captivating universe of Small Animals. Designed to enchant visitors of all ages, Our eye-level displays provide an immersive experience for everyone and ensure that children can effortlessly explore the wonder of these small creatures. 

Why Choose CASCO Pet?


Tailored Concepts: Our experienced team collaborates with clients to create unique concepts and store designs that are built and installed to the highest standards.

Extended Aftercare Service: We go beyond installation, offering full maintenance cover for complete peace of mind.

High-Quality Builds: Casco Pet habitats make a bold statement, setting industry standards with contemporary designs and high quality materials. Our expert design team ensures that every installation we create is at the forefront of technology and engineering excellence.

Craftsmanship: Hand crafted in our own factories, our engineers take huge pride in their workmanship and pay close attention to detail throughout the entire build process to ensure every CASCO Pet installation leaves the factory in perfect condition.  

Visualize Your Vision: We can provide 3D drawings and '3D walk-throughs,' allowing you to see and experience your new floor plan before installation.

We believe that through excellent design and beautiful live animals, your store will not only attract more people but also lead to increased sales. 

Elevate your pet retail experience with Casco Pet – where innovation meets excellence and the welfare of the animals takes center stage.