Quality craftsmanship with unparalleled design

Our innovative aquatic product range continues to set industry standards, guaranteeing our customers high quality, easy-to-use housing that improves fish health and mortality.

At CASCO Pet we offer a full range of aquarium products suitable for pet retail, aquatic specialists, wholesalers and educational facilities as well as animal rehabilitation and rescue shelters. Driven by our customers needs and our commitment to animal welfare our products achieve new levels of quality and technological advancement, to ensure quick, easy installation and maintenance while maximising animal well-being. Our global reach, coupled with our local knowledge, means we can create unique solutions wherever you are in the world, such as the supply and install of complete centralized systems.

The Pro Range

Our pro aquatics range can be customiszd with attractive fascias and a choice of filtration systems such as sump filtration per rack, filtration per level or filtration per compartment. Alongside a host of innovative features and options these units have a contemporary, high-class finish and are manufactured using high quality welded aluminum to create exceedingly durable aquatic displays.

Leclerc Chateau  Gountier Aquatic Installation

Our Entry Level Range

Our entry level range is the perfect solution for start-ups or small to medium businesses and can be used with your own aquatic equipment. These products come pre-assembled and fitted with the essential equipment to run your aquariums. The value in terms of quality and craftsmanship is undeniable, and the sophisticated design is simply incomparable at this fantastic price point.

Entry level for independent aquatic shops
Plant tank
We would like to thank CASCO Pet for the pro cooperation during the installation of our new animal systems at DAS FUTTERHAUS in Wiesbaden. CASCO Pet has proven itself as a reliable and very competent partner from the conception of the modern plants to the uncomplicated and fast installation up to the follow-up project support.
Dominik Niemeier Quality Management, DAS FUTTERHAUS, Head Office

The Benefits of Marginal Gains

Our high-quality Aquatics products enable your store to sell healthy, happy fish. Using our Marginal Gains theory, we can ensure reductions in fish mortality, and improvement in fish health while in store. 

Marginal Gains is our ethos that with small, incremental changes you can make a big difference to the aquatic life in your tanks.

Replace Gravel with Graphics

Gravel in tanks can harbour potentially harmful bacteria and can be difficult to keep clean. By replacing your gravel with a realistic gravel image, you reduce labor and maintenance time.

Integrated Background Graphics

You need not use plants or décor in your tanks integrated background graphics are visually striking and have been proven to keep the fish stimulated and provide a sense of security. Graphics also reduce maintenance and cleaning time!

LED Lighting Control

Fully programmable LED lighting on our Pro and Entry Level ranges means you can optimize your tank lighting and reduce algae growth.Dimming on low footfall days and at quiet times will reduce the need for glass cleaning.

High Energy Fish Food

Stressed fish burn calories quicker, so a highly nutritious diet is vital to keeping them healthy. A cold pressed, nutrient rich food results in less tank pollution and healthy, colorful fish.

Powerful UV Sterilizer

A Powerful UV sterilizer will destroy pathogens and keep your fish healthier and your water clean.

CASCO Pure Sphere ball

Good Bacteria and Enzymes

CASCOPure is designed to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels in your tank and has been proven to reduce fish mortality. Simply add 1 ball per rack per month.


Fully Automated Filtration

CASCOPurge is a fully automated filtration system that purges away waste and reduces settlement of detritus. This replaces the need for mechanical filtration and reduces labor time and costs.

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