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The real beauty of our modular stack system is that it allows you to easily stack veterinary cages and kennels. With our components, you can even add integrated controllable heat and lighting to create the perfect environment for your patients. This eliminates the need for additional mechanical and electrical services, reducing your build costs.

Choose our veterinary kennels and cat condos for a cost-effective and comfortable solution that meets the highest standards of the veterinary profession.

"We have found the glass fronts much easier to keep clean, and that in turn keeps our bio-security between patients much better."
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS and Owner
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NEW D.R.C. Lighting System. See how it will revolutionize your clinic

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Helping you realize your potential from concept to creation

Our expert project team will work with you to create innovative designs tailored to your business.  Our space designers will create floor plans, 2D or 3D renders to enable you to easily visualize your veterinary clinic.