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Our Pro Range

Leclerc Reptile stack corner FR 2017

Our commitment to innovation has led to the development of our Pro range of reptile racks.

Our pro reptile racks are large, vertical units that feature up to 4 levels of vivarium. We can supply these vivariums with flooded areas, specialist lighting, heating and front or rear access. Our reptile units can be combined to give complete displays with a central service room. 

With integrated graphics, basking lamps, dark spots, heat mats and thermostatic control options, your reptiles will be kept in optimum conditions to remain happy and healthy. Reptile racks make a great space saving option and provide floor to ceiling displays to inspire your customers.

Key features and benefits Why choose our reptile racks?


Welded aluminum enclosures

All our enclosures are built from high quality aluminum and toughened glass. We guarantee our enclosures to last for up to 10 years. 


Custom configurations

Enclosures can be configured in a variety of different levels and compartments, so that you can decide how many animals you would like to house. 


Integrated realistic graphics

Our professionally printed realistic graphics sit perfectly on the back of the enclosures, creating a calming and engaging environment for the animals and a clear and visually compelling reference for customers. 


Substrate recess

All Front access enclosures feature a recess below the doors for filling with substrate, this ensures no mess or spillage when you open and close the doors.


State of the art technology

We know that different animals require different environments. Our reptile enclosures come equipped with UVA and UVB bulbs to ensure they get the correct heating and lighting. We are also able to supply bird units with UV Bulbs. 

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Reptile Large Enclosure entry level island abbey 2009
Incredible. Before the re-fit, the reptile room would take about £1,000 a month. Now its £3,500, and I'm convinced it's because the room looks far more pro. In general, customers have so much more confidence in a place that looks pro, which sends out the message that we know what we are doing.
Colin White ​Abbey Aquatics & Reptiles
Design service render
Reptile Crested gecko hanging

Helping you realize your potential from concept to creation

Our expert project team will work with you to create innovative designs tailored to your business.  Our space designers will create floor plans, 2D or 3D renders to enable you to easily visualize your retail store, educational facility or rescue center.