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Our innovative small animal, reptile and bird product range continues to set industry standards, guaranteeing our customers high quality, versatile and easy-to-use housing that meets the needs of the animals and their facilities

At CASCO Pet we offer a full range of products suitable for pet retail, educational facilities, as well as animal rehabilitation and rescue shelters. Driven by our customers needs and our commitment to animal welfare, our products achieve new levels of quality and technological advancement, to ensure quick, easy installation and maintenance while maximizing animal well-being. Our global reach, coupled with our local knowledge, means we can work with you directly to create unique solutions that serve your needs and achieve your business goals.

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Natural habitats - bringing the outside in

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Calming environments and animal enrichment

Animal welfare is our top priority and our habitats, aquariums and consumable products are designed to replicate the most natural environment possible.  Our product designers are constantly working on innovations to achieve our goal of creating natural, enriching habitats for animals to feel safe and secure while in store.

We truly believe that pets should be housed in safe, hygienic enclosures, but we take that even further, providing enrichment through the creation of interesting spaces for animals to explore, hide and rest, with mixed terrains of different levels and textures and integrated graphics to bring their natural environments into the retail space. Additionally, our innovative lighting controls and specialist ventilation help small animals settle and feel comfortable, while our aquatic filtration and consumables products, along with our grazing food systems, deliver a natural feeding ecosystem with the highest water quality. The attention to detail in everything we create, ensures the best care for your livestock.

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We are very pleased with the animal island as it is a center piece and looks very pro. It is very high quality and is very practicable and easy to maintain. Our customers, especially the younger generation really enjoy watching the animal being fed, they are able to do so because of the low level cages whereas with the old style cages we were using they could not reach to look in. We are looking forward to ordering more for our new stores in the future.
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Over 20 years of pet retail experience

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Customer engagement

In today’s challenging and diverse retail environment, you must do more than keep your store clean and the shelves stocked. To meet consumer needs, retailers must create a more sophisticated experience to capture the consumer’s attention and ultimately drive repeat visits.

We recognized this need early on and have helped pet retailers, large and small, to deliver Retail Theatre through the creation of vibrant, visual and engaging store design that online retailers simply cannot match.

From carefully curated store layout with interesting live animal displays, designed to allow pet owners to engage and get closer to the animals in a safe and friendly way, to the use of enhanced lighting, sound and signage we have decades of experience in creating the perfect retail spaces. Our habitats are also super easy to use and maintain, giving more time for store associates to spend interacting and helping customers.

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