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Distinguishing Features of WELLKennels

Technological Excellence: 

The sustainably driven design of our WELLKennels integrates patented technologies and proprietary components, to deliver the utmost comfort, safety, hygiene, and efficiency.

Modular Flexibility: 

Our modular design offers flexibility and customization, enabling you to design a ward that meets your patient needs and optimises space too.

Advanced Stress Reduction: 

Leveraging sound engineering principles, the kennels dampen sound, ensuring a quieter environment that is conducive to recovery and optimal surgical outcomes. Supporting the patient on the inside, plus their neighbours and caregivers on the outside. 

Operational Efficiency: 

WELLKennels streamline clinical workflows, allow veterinary professionals to focus on critical patient care, enhancing patient well-being. 

Enhanced Biosecurity Standards:  

WELLKennels glass surfaces and doors are easier to clean, and the addition of our DRC lighting system provides smart technology to assist with the detection of organic matter, often missed by the human eye. Features that eradicate the risk of cross-contamination, safeguarding both your patients and clinical staff.

Contemporary Aesthetics: 

Beyond their robust build and functionality, WELLKennels provide a modern design, adding a touch of modernity to your clinical environment, that cannot be achieved with cages.

Endorsed by Veterinary Experts and Valued by Pet Owners:

The ease of operation and stress reducing benefits of our kennels are backed by their endorsement within the veterinary field and their appreciation among pet owners. When your practice looks great and operates seamlessly, you will naturally attract and retain a motivated team! 

Internationally Acclaimed: 

WELLKennels boast certification from the International Society of Feline Medicine and are honoured to be part of Fear Free®’s Preferred Product Program, a global initiative devoted to mitigating fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.

Choose Well Kennels: The Future-Ready Solution for Progressive Veterinary Care

Built-in Heat

With built-in heat mats, patient needs are optimized by delivering the perfect temperature for recovery and general comfort, tailored to individual patient needs.

Significantly quieter

Move past the noise of traditional steel cages. Our WELLKennels guarantee a calmer, quieter setting, improving both patient and staff experiences for faster recoveries and happier, less stressed animals.

Innovative Privacy Solutions

Offering privacy doors that reduce external disturbances to minimize stress and anxiety.

Prioritize Hygiene

Designed for today's challenges, our glass kennels offer superior cleanliness and ensure effortless maintenance, meeting the highest biosecurity standards with surfaces that resist bacterial build-up.

The DRC Lighting Advantage

Our Patented DRC (Daylight, Recovery, Cleaning) intelligent lighting system supports operational efficiency and sets new standards in comfort, care, and hygiene.

Elevate Team Satisfaction and Engagement

Create a calm, attractive and operationally efficient environment to enable your team to deliver unparalleled animal care, boosting motivation, enhancing staff retention and creating the perfect setting for new team members.

Redefine Visibility with LED

Integrated LED lighting supports natural vision, circadian rhythm and helps patients recognize caregivers during recovery, leaving them calm and relaxed.

“I am extremely proud of the team who has worked hard to realize this revolutionary range. There has been little change in clinical housing and cages since the 1950s; we saw the opportunity to bring veterinary clinical habitats and kennels into the 21st Century and our customers have been delighted with the result”
Matthew Bubear CEO - CASCO Pet
Veterinary Clinical Housing backgroung
Veterinary female doctor or nurse and dog

Helping you realize your potential from concept to creation

Our expert project team will work with you to create innovative designs tailored to your business.  Our space designers will create floor plans, 2D or 3D renders to enable you to easily visualize your veterinary clinic.