Door–mounted Pump Holder 

The door-mounted Pump holder is a versatile and mobile bracket that can easily be attached to any of our glass doors to enable quick access to pumps and other small devices. 


  • Stainless-steel bar
  • Fixings to securely install
  • Used for medium duty applications

Multi-purpose bracket & IV Stand 

Multi-purpose Bracket

 A versatile addition to the Control Panel that supports a variety of ancillary products. With no trailing cables and loose IV lines between kennels or on the floor, this feature epitomises safety and functionality. 

IV Stand 

The WELLKennel IV Stand fits securely to the multi-purpose bracket to safely hang patient IV fluids bags.

Kennel Removable Dividers


Easy to fit divider panel that enables one large kennel to be divided into two smaller kennels. Providing greater flexibility and optimized accommodation. 


  • Panel slides easily into predetermined guardrails to securely divide larger kennels
  • Made from non-scratch composite for durability
  • Suitable for Cat Silver, Cat Gold and Dog Multi WELLKennels

Pet Acoustics


Pet Acoustics is not just about music; it's about creating an atmosphere tailored for your patients. Read more about the integration of Pet Acoustics into WELLKennels here.

This speaker comes with carefully selected species-specific playlists, designed to resonate with sensitive ears, ensure a calming and stress-free space within the veterinary clinic.



  • Promotes relaxation during routine check-ups, surgeries, and recovery.
  • Enhances the overall well-being of pets by reducing stress.
  • Facilitates smoother examinations and procedures for veterinary professionals.

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