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Our 4 Level Nano Reptile Rack provides the perfect display solution for saving space and optimising capacity, allowing a full range of reptiles to be kept in one place. Made up of different sized compartments the top level consists of tall enclosures that allow larger reptiles to be shown, whille smaller creatures can be displayed in the nano enclosures below. Our background graphics, rain, and mist makers can also be included to create more inspiring displays.

Rear Access 

Particularly popular with retailers our rear access units are sealed at the front which eliminates mess on the shop floor. The rear doors also come with locks for additional security.

Front Access 

Access to these enclosures is via the lockable sliding glass doors which can be lifted out during cleaning and maintenance, giving quick and easy access to the animals.

Perfect for both long and short-term housing, all Reptile Racks can be supplied with UV lighting, heating mats and thermostatic control options.

4 Level Nano rack reptile Leclerc


Rack Dimensions

Length: 1293 mm / 50”
Width: 500 mm / 20”
Height: 2300 mm / 91”

Vivarium Dimensions

Length: 1233 mm / 48”
Width: 500 mm / 20”
Height: 605 mm / 24”

Length: 1233 mm / 48”
Width: 250 mm / 10”
Height: 180 mm / 7”

Length: 1233 mm / 48”
Width: 500 mm / 20”
Height: 400 mm / 16”



T5 UVB fluorescent lighting
Front or rear access
UV acrylic
Aluminum fascia
Facia and doors standard RAL color choice (RAL 9010, RAL 9005, RAL 9006, RAL 7024)
Black backgrounds

RAL Color Palette for Enclosure

Optional Extras / Upgrades

Custom fascia RAL colors
Integrated realistic graphics
Illuminated header panels
Heating equipment and thermostats
Amphibian tanks available
Aluminum doors for rear access only

bbc Tortoise  National Center for Reptile Welfare

National Center for Reptile Welfare

We loved seeing the National Center for Reptile Welfare spreading awareness and showing off the incredible work they do for rescuing and re-homing reptiles on BBC's The One Show.

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