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Key features of Cat Condo stack


Console panel with DRC


Twist handles


Integrated ventilation port


Toughened safety glass


Opaque glass


Floral graphics


Stainless steel hinges


Sleeping area for cat naps


Aluminium liquid strip


Exercise / Play area


Can accommodate a litter box


Adjustable feet

Stack Dimensions

2 x Cat Condo Enclosures
1200(w) x 700(d) x 800(h) mm
47 1/4”(w) x 27 1/2”(d) x 31 1/2”(h) 

Low plinth 30 mm (1 3/16”) 

Overall Stack dimensions
1200mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 1859mm (h) 
47 ¼” (w) x 27 ½” (d) x 70 7/8” (h) 

Cat Condo inside cat kennel


2 levels of easy clean glass enclosures with floral graphics 

Constructed using toughened safety glass 

Significantly quieter than traditional stainless steel cages for both the patient and the Veterinary staff. 

Every enclosure has a built-in aluminium liquid strip to reduce spillage 

Quiet shut doors with twist handles 

30  holes in glass doors to provide sufficient ventilation 

Separate privacy area with opaque glass helps reduce stress 

Heavy duty stainless steel hinges for lifetime use 

Integrated wipe clean whiteboard 

Low plinth 30mm (1 1/8”) with adjustable feet 

Plain console panel to ensure enclosures safely stack and removes the need for any additional construction within your ward 

Integrated ventilation port for easy connection to client extraction system 

Full CASCO Pet Guarantee

Optional Extras / Upgrades

Electrical console panel to provide power for lighting and heating options. (All electrical connections safely stored behind the console panel) 

Safe heat mats with thermostat control and on/off switch 

Soft calming LED lighting with on/off control 

CASCO Pet DRC Vet lighting 

All electrical connections safely stored behind the console panel 

2 x external country specific plug sockets per level for convenience 

Electrical extraction fan if room doesn’t have existing system 

Optional above stack storage to keep your clinic tidy

DRC lighting options switch

D.R.C. Lighting System. See how it will revolutionize your clinic

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We have found the glass fronts much easier to clean, and that in turn keeps our bio-security between patients much better
Dr Sophie Hall BVSc MRCVS
Veterinary Clinical Housing backgroung
Veterinary female doctor or nurse and dog

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