Sadly, this success hasn't been shared by all pet retailers. Pet Valu, one of the USA's largest non-live animal selling pet stores, has announced the closure of all 358 of its stores and warehouses. It is very easy to blame the pandemic for the demise of these stores, however when you compare with pet retailers who sell live animals, it more than suggests that live animals should be a key component of a bricks and mortar pet retail strategy.

Petless stores could be deemed profitless

Unfortunately, the model of pet-free stores just cannot compete with online retailers. In this digital era, retailers must provide compelling reasons to buy in-store and convert intent into sales. Over a decade ago, pet retailers who anticipated the threat online sales could pose, took the clever approach and played on the one thing online could never do. Going back to basics and enticing customers through the doors with the sale of live animals gave them the competitive advantage to grow and thrive. Pet supplies are only complimentary, so everything must start with the animal and the human connection with them.

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