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Our 4 Level Aquarium Racks maximize your display area and offer numerous configurations, options and innovative features.

You can choose the color of your aquarium racks with optional integrated labelling system to complete the pro look. Decorative fascias are used between two adjacent racks to give consistency throughout your layout.

With a choice of filtration our 4 Level Aquarium Racks offer you an amazing range of options to choose from.

Rack Specifications

Rack Dimensions

Length: 1293 mm / 51” 
Width: 576 mm / 22.7” 
Height: 2300 mm / 90.5”

Aquarium Tank Dimensions

Length: 1233 mm / 48.5”
Width: 500 mm / 20”
Height: 385/330 mm / 15/13”
Water capacity: ≈135 litres / 35 Gallons
Compartments: 1 standard, up to 4 available


4 LED lighting bars
Aluminum fascia
Facia and doors standard RAL color choice 
(RAL 9010, RAL 9005, RAL 9006, RAL 7024)
Blue or black backgrounds

RAL Color Palette for Enclosure

Optional Extras/Upgrades

Custom fascia and doors RAL colors
Integrated realistic graphics
Illuminated header panels
PowerPad filters
Aquabar LED light controller
Automatic top-up
Hook and Hose fast fill

Filtration Options

Per Level Filtration

1000 lph pump 
150 w heater 
9 w UV 
Controller and valve water top-up 
Sponge filtration media 

Rack Height: 2300 mm / 90.5”

(Filtration render for Illustration purposes only)

Aquatic Freshwater rack per level filtration

Per Compartment Filtration

600 lph pump 
100 w heater 
5 w UV 
Controller and valve water  top-up 
Sponge filtration media 

Rack Height: 2300 mm / 90.5”

(Filtration render for Illustration purposes only)

Aquatic Freshwater rack per compartment filtration

Optional Filtration Extras


The filter system that has revolutionized aquarium rack maintenance for freshwater sump filtration

CASCOPurge is a revolutionary patent pending, virtually maintenance free filtration system that challenges traditional labor-intensive filtration methods. We wanted to address the issue of labor-intensive system cleaning in our customer’s stores and after many years of research, we have a product that truly remodels the industry.




CASCOPurifier is a quick and simple method of filtering out harmful chlorine and other impurities from the incoming mains or city water. It is ideal for first fill, water changes and ongoing top-ups, for both aquarium and pond systems. It effectively removes chlorine and chloramines, plus other harmful toxins from your incoming water supply, which can be extremely harmful to aquatic animals.

CASCO Purifier


The good bacteria that improve the health of your fish

CASCOPure is a bacterial water treatment that has been specifically cultivated to improve the health of your fish, and to reduce the time cleaning and maintaining your system. Every ball contains live beneficial bacteria and enzymes that rapidly mature and cycle new systems to deliver crystal clear, perfectly balanced water. The CASCOPure balls convert toxic ammonia and nitrite into safer forms, significantly reducing fish loss due to poor water quality and Toxic Tank Syndrome.


CASCO Titanium UV Sterilizer

Photocatalytically enhanced pro 55W titanium lined UV sterilizer

The CASCO Pet Titanium UV Sterilizer is a commercial 55W titanium lined UV sterilizer that can be fitted to your aquatic rack plumbing system. The titanium UV has an inlet and outlet that allows filtered water to flow through. The UV light inside the titanium UV tube will sterilize and protect against harmful pathogens, parasites and diseases. Once the water has left the titanium UV, it will flow back into the aquariums.

CASCO Titanium Sterilizer

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