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Our Entry Level Plant Aquariums are fixed units that are ready-made for fast and easy delivery. All entry level plant aquariums include acrylic combs to catch any plant debris and therefore keep your water clear and your display looking fresh.

The standard units are not supplied with filtration on lighting, meaning you can you use any existing systems; however, upgrades are available should you need them.

Entry level plant aquatic unit display



Length: 1500 mm / 59” 
Width: 500 mm / 19.6” 
Height: 900 mm to 1100 mm / 35.4” to 43”

Aquarium Dimensions

Length: 1494 mm / 58.8” 
Width: 494 mm / 19.4” 
Height: 500 mm / 19.6” 


Welded Aluminum Frame 
Fascia and doors color choice (Black, Silver, White, Blue)

Optional Extras/Upgrades

Point of Sale Stickers 
LED Lighting

koi pond

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