Dog Multi-Stack

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The Dog Gold & Silver Stack is our recommended combination for building your canine ward with a Dog Gold unit for larger dogs at the bottom, and a Dog Silver unit for smaller dogs above it. These are placed upon a ground-level plinth, allowing larger dogs to walk in and smaller dogs at an easy working height.

It's time to banish the stainless-steel cages from your wards. We use toughened glass because it significantly reduces noise and vibration, two factors likely to increase stress in a patient. It's also warmer, reducing the risk of hyperthermia and making it a healthier environment for recovery. It is easy to clean and corrosion resistant, meaning that it's better for infection control. Glass doors make it faster and easier to monitor pets without moving them, reducing stress levels and improving efficiency. Each door has a smooth cut corner which allows easy entry for IV and monitoring lines, meaning that animals can be moved in and out without needing to reinsert needles. The doors use stainless-steel hinges that are incredibly durable and quiet and allow full width access to the patient, with no risk of swinging shut. Each door is fitted with secure twist locks, allowing staff to quietly push shut the door with one hand. Our Dog Gold enclosure also features gravelly catches at the bottom of the door, adding extra security for large or aggressive dogs, and are spring-loaded to be turned by foot or fingers.

Each door has twelve 40mm ventilation holes placed in the top half of the door, ensuring that dogs can't get their paws caught in recovery. The Dog Gold & Silver Stack comes with a removable high-performance divider for each enclosure made of easy to clean closed cell PVC that will not absorb urine.

Every enclosure features CASCO calming graphics, a mottled green fading into blue that hints at grass and sky. The graphic dramatically reduces reflection, and can help your patients to feel more at home in their environment. Calmer pets and an attractive modern ward makes it easy for long term patients to be visited and is appealing to pet owners. Above each enclosure is a panel designed to make your ward safer and more organised. It features a plastic S hooks to hold lines away from hinges, stainless-steel hooks to hold up to 8kg of monitors and pumps, and a dry wipe notes area. A built-in power socket means no trailing leads or plugs, creating a better health and safety environment for staff and patients.

The Dog Gold & Silver Stack comes with built-in LED lighting, allowing patients to be examined in their enclosures. This is safe and efficient for staff, and reduces the stress of moving a recovering pet. Each enclosure also has a built-in heat mat, which is designed to keep patients warm but also allows for a cool area. Ventilation is integrated with a simple connection to an air pump, helping to keep pets cool in warm weather, reduce unwanted odours, and keeps your ward environment healthy. Construction of the Dog Gold & Silver Stack is easy – simply stack, secure, and connect. The adaptability of our modular units makes them futureproof and customisable to suit your practice; with options such as overhead storage available in our vet components.

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