Pets At Home - New Malden

The Project

Pets At Home wanted an aquatic centrepiece as part of an extensive refit of their flagship store in New Malden. They contacted CASCO Pet knowing that we have the expertise to design and deliver a dramatic aquarium that would not only look spectacular but would also attract new and returning customers to the aquatic section of the store.

The large installation, viewable on three sides, had to be built to be strong enough to withstand the pressures generated by the high volumes of water contained within the aquarium. We also custom built the filtration system to maintain the high water quality and clarity levels, and to make the tank easy to clean and maintain.

We have recently returned to this installation. Pets at Home asked us to change the water type in the aquarium, so that they could accommodate different fish. This was straightforward due to the flexible nature of CASCO fittings, meaning that adaptations could be made without compromising on quality.

What impact has the new look had?

The finished aquarium offers an extensive panorama, allowing customers big and small to enjoy a great view of the fish. It truly is an eye-catching centrepiece, drawing customers further into the store. A showcase installation such as this is a great way to generate interest in your pet or aquatic department. Contact us to find out more.

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