Leclerc Chambry, FR

The Project

Leclerc, a large pet retailer in France, approached CASCO Pet with a vision for interactive, impressive stores with fixtures that showcase their livestock ranges. We proved to be more than up to the challenge, installing our very latest innovations in their Chambry store. This included our Nano Plus+ aquatic island, pull-out storage unit, live feeder for reptiles, and our drop-off display – perfect for amphibians and terrapins.

The centrepiece of the store however is the walk-though aquatic display islands, custom designed and built for their stores. Viewable on all sides with eye-catching fully-integrated graphics, customers can experience the aquatics department like never before. Inside the island a projector creates an ocean floor, as the customer is surrounded by aquatic plants and livestock, the store is transformed into a mesmerising underwater environment.

What impact has the new look had?

The new stores we have designed and installed for Leclerc are state-of-the-art and practical to use and maintain. Most importantly, our fixtures have created both a healthy environments for pets, and an engaging experience for customers.

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