HugglePets Community Aquarium

We have been given a fantastic opportunity to work on a UK project contributing to Wolverhampton's community.

HugglePets in the community is a Community Interest Company (CIC) who approached us with a request for designing and installing an aquarium room with 100 tanks, and naturally, we said yes. The project goal is to use animal therapy to improve mental health and wellbeing among children and adults in the community. Our shared values in animal welfare make this project particularly special.

Working with a shared vision for all the community to enjoy

Fish tanks are interactive and immersive environments, and therefore are often used for therapy rooms. Colourful fish and realistic background graphics create a space that is as close to nature as possible and equally, creates an enjoyable experience. The dark units and contrasting dim blue lighting create a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for people suffering with autism and anxiety. The aquarium space will also be noise free, creating an all-round calming ambience.

In order to make this a space that is suitable for all the community, it was important for our team to design a room that is easy to navigate as well as being easy to access. Everyone should be able to enjoy this room, which is why it is designed with a clear route to walk around the edge of the room. This is designed with wheelchair access in mind and really does cater to everyone.

The combined work of HugglePets, CASCO Pet and the sponsorships means children and adults with autism, Alzheimers, anxiety, depression, loneliness and sensory disabilities can enjoy a therapy space that is just for them.

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